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Cyber Crime

Allegations involving misconduct via computer, iPhone, or other electronic devices. For many years Ron Ellis Law has been effectively litigating cyber-offences. Many of my colleagues refer these cases to me since they know with my experience in the field that they'll get the defence they deserve.

Preliminary Hearings

Preliminary Hearings are held in cases involving Indictable (the most serious) offences. Running an effective and focused preliminary hearing can often be the key to successfully defending your charges: choosing counsel with the ability to identify and execute with precision. Nothing can be more dangerous, costly, and ineffective than a poorly completed and unfocused preliminary hearing.


Many cases resolve prior to the need for a trial. Resolving a case prior to trial is both cost and time effective, and allows clients to have greater confidence in the certainty of the outcome. However, when a negotiated resolution cannot be found you need an experienced and effective trial counsel to advocate on your behalf. I have many years of trial experience at all levels of court: including the Ontario Court of Appeal.

First Time Offenders

Being charged with a criminal offence for the first time is particularly stressful and challenging. There are many special programs and protections offered to first time offenders that most are not aware of. My firm has more First Time Offenders than many; we know how to effectively advocate for you to get you the best possible results in the shortest time possible. Let me put my experience to work for you.

Young Offenders

The Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) replaces the former Young Offenders Act (YOA): both provide special rules of engagement for young people. Significant protection and special rules are available to assist young offenders. Talk to me and I will help you understand how the YCJA can be effectively used to protect you, or a young person you know.

Corporate Offences

Some offences allege misconduct on a corporate or employment level while others allege complex ponzi schemes and/or fraud. Not all firms have the resources and experience to properly represent someone charged with these types of offences, but with Ron Ellis you have an entire team at your disposal. With serious allegations you need a serious defence.

Property Offences

Property offences can vary from less serious matters like petty theft to much more serious allegations such as Theft and Fraud over $5,000.00. Often times property crimes have a domestic context. These cases may appear to be very straightforward at the outset but can suddenly twist to become complex and challenging to defend. I can help you and your legal case remain simple and focused: ensuring the best possible outcome.

Driving Offences

Careless Driving, Dangerous Driving, Impaired Driving, Operating a Vehicle With a Blood Alcohol Level Over .80: all of these offences are common occurrences. Few of these offences, however, are common fact scenarios. Driving offences can be some of the most complex cases to defend and can lead to some very serious consequences; you need someone with experience in the technicalities associated with an effective defence, and that's what we offer.

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